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G6129BZ Billy Zoom
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Billy Zoom Music

With Other Artists

Johny Walk Don't Run Paulene (guitar, flute, sax)

Blood Red CD 5015
Los Straightjackets
Supersonic Guitars in 3-D (flute, sax)

Yep Roc 2047
Ray Manzarek
Mike Ness
Cheating At Solitaire (guitar)

Time Bomb 43524
The Alligators
Pre-X Zoom (guitar)

Garage 1122
Jussi Raittinen
 Rollin' The Rock (guitar)

EMI Records
Freddie Blassie
 King Of Men
 * "Pencil-Neck Geek" (guitar)

Rhino RNEP-502
Deke Dickerson
 More Million Sellers
* "Nightmare Of A Woman" (guitar)

Hightone 811
Manic Hispanic
 The Recline Of Mexican Civilization
* "Brown Girl" (guitar)

Better Youth Organization 075
The Bomboras
 It Came From Pier 13!
* "The Ninth Wave" (6-string bass)

Dionysus 3345
The Torquays
A Date With The Torquays (saxophone)
Return Engagement No Cover

Tork-A-Disk 87302

Golly Gee 1020
John Denver
Dreamland Express (amplifiers)

RCA 85458
Regrets Only (amplifiers)

Blue Note 22
Jane Wiedlin
 Jane Wiedlin
* "Where We Can Go" (guitar)

IRS 5638
Davey Wayne
Sharp Shoes (electric sax)
Tony Conn
Dangerous Doll/Like Wow (sax)

Rollin' Rock 45-023 B
Buddy Blue
Dipsomania (guitar)

Clarence Records

Johnny Legend
Teenage Cruisers (guitar)

Rhino RNLP-016
Mac Curtis
Rockabilly Uprising (saxophone)

Rollin' Rock 6601
Mac Curtis
Sidetrack Mama (bass as Ty Kindell)

Rollin' Rock 45-007 B
Ty Kindell
Teens Of Note (sax/bongo drums)

Fredlo Records