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Los Angeles / Wild Gift
Los Angeles / Wild Gift

Produced by Ray Manzarek

The re-issue of the first 2 X Albums on Slash Records
Slash 9 25771-2

Music by X

Your Phone's Off the Hook, But You're Not
Johny Hit and Run Paulene
Soul Kitchen
Los Angeles
Sex and Dying in High Society
The Unheard Music
The World's a Mess It's In My Kiss
The Once Over Twice
We're Desperate
Adult Books
Universal Corner
I'm Coming Over
It's Who You Know
In This House That I Call Home
Some Other Time
White Girl
Beyond and Back
Back 2 the Base
When Our Love Passed Out On the Couch
Year 1

John Doe: vocals/bass
Exene Cervenka: vocals
D.J. Bonebrake: drums +
Billy Zoom: guitar
Ray Manzarek:keyboards