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G6129BZ Billy Zoom
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Billy Zoom is a world class specialist in vacuum tube audio equipment. Since opening his original Custom Amp Shop in 1970, Billy has designed, built, modified, and repaired literally thousands of guitar amplifiers, as well as all types of vacuum tube Hi-Hi and studio recording gear.

Billy Zoom Music and The Billy Zoom Custom Shop are located at 760-L and 760-A N. Main St. in Orange, CA.

New clients will be seen by appointment only. To schedule an appointment, or to make enquiries regarding products or services, please contact



Gretsch guitar parts

  • Synchro-Sonic flat bridge screws-Stainless Binder head bridge screws
  • Brass round head bridge screws
  • Overkill guitar pots - more than you'll ever need, but these are best and these are what Billy Zoom uses in his Silver Jets.


From the Billy Zoom Custom Shop

Introducing... "The Little Kahuna" - All tube Reverberation and Tremolo Unit